Biometric Screening

TOP Biometric Screening

We believe employers need more than machine verification from home. Serious costs have been proven to impact your bottom line from employee population health. You want a team that utilizes the most current equipment and is truly verifiable in the presence of fully trained and certified staff. Give your employees continued care, and allow them to feel like they matter. Convenience and efficiency both work as part of a successful program. Excellent for health fairs!

Employees receive immediate feedback about any risk for diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and other conditions. With TOP Wellness, we explain important health topics and give real world tips that make a difference for individual and program success.​

  • Blood Pressure
  • TC/HDL/GLU (non-fasting) -or- Lipid Profile
    ​ (fasting, am events only – 4 hours max.)
  • Height, Weight, BMI, Body Composition and Waist Circumference
  • Review of Results

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